Monday, 22 October 2012

It is hard, hard, hard....

to work and look after a toddler and be passionate about quilting and to even begin to be a good wife and mother.
Frankly I don't know how some bloggers do it but they seem to do it all very well and very frequently.

This month I continue to feel ashamed to how late i was with the September blocks which I only managed to post this weekend gone. This is the first and hopefully my last time like this...thing is i try to do everything well and I am not always able to.

Anyway, enough grovelling, these are September makes:

And my October makes (one more to go before I am completely done!)

And an unexpected BUT EXTREMELY welcome gift. Tikki is a wonderful fabric shop where I have bought some of my most precious fabrics including Kaffe Fassetts and Westminster fabrics as well as great shot cottons which I harbour and only occasionally bring out to drool al over them and them hide them again. What is it with me and the fact that I cannot bear to cut my favourite fabrics?
Anyhow, the lovely Tiina from Tikki send me this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I nearly died and went to heaven from happiness.
THANK YOU Tiina, you are a superstar and I am grateful, what a gorgeous bundle. Tiina is giving a bundle away every month by the way (and I am not sponsored by her) so visit her website and sign up, or even better, go to her gorgeous shop and treat yourselves to loads of guilt-free gorgeous fabric!!!

Ahhhhh almost done.

and for the friends and family out there: here is one I made almost 18 months earlier. Still, the best I have ever made! even if it keeps me awake some nights!

Amelie x

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