Friday, 31 December 2010

La la la...and a Happy New Year!

:-(    am not allowed to quilt...
well, there has been so much to do yesterday and today in preparation for a little family & friends party and my sister and her boys coming over from Italy that there has been no time for sewing...

BUT, a couple of days ago I managed to make 6 of the houses for my dollies quilt and all the large dollies have hats now!!!

They are soooooo cute:

 and my favourite large dolly so far (although that seems to change daily!!)

I better go any cook my dish for tonight (Mr Whirlygiggles has already finished all his jobs!!!!!)

                                                             HAPPY NEW YEAR

                                                                          Amelie x

Monday, 27 December 2010

It's a Dolly Holiday!

A belated "Merry Christmas" if you are reading my blog now...hope you have had loads of lovely company, food and pressies!!!

One of my best pressies was a Spa voucher from my best friend :-) thank you thank you thank you
and 4 patchwork rulers from my beloved Mr Whirlygiggles (despite the fact that he thinks I am very sad to get so excited over rulers !!!)
 So exciting!!! all the new quilts that can be made!

Anyway, finally managed to finish my HST quilt...I was so worried about the huge variety of Amy Butler fabrics and colours but it turned out very fresh and lovely. It has not been trimmed yet but could not resist putting a photo up:

I know I said I would NOT start anything new until i finish all my current projects BUT these dollies have been my little sirens for a long time and here they are:

These are from the wonderful Material Obsession book and this is a quilt by Sarah Fielke whose work is always amazing...
There are 13 dollies in total. These are the small ones and they are almost ready. I have also finished the large dollies but they have no hat yet and they are far too shy to show themselves to the world without a hat!!!!

                                                                Amelie x

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winter Wonderland!

The view from our balcony today...yesterday there was a huge snowstorm that went on and on...I felt so sorry for people caught in it...

Whilst the weather has been dreadful and I have a cold which I most definately could do without, the quilting activity has peaked!!!

Our 21 year old got back from university completely skinned...a few quick calculations later and I had him doing some fabric cutting!!! This boy is truly amazing and a very gifted cutter; despite the initial worries about us ending up in hospital with a removed finger, he cut 768 squares which measure 1 3/4 without a moan, a winge or any sign of back problems!!! My hero!!! (well it did cost me a few bob but then again I handed that
 over gladly).

Here are the fruits of his labour (the tiny squares of shot cotton).

I am now ready to progress on my snowball quilt that I started with Kaffe Fassett at the V&A. Well, almost ready to start that one, as soon as I finish my first baby quilt which is made up of these cuties:

The owl fabric is extremely gorgeous and yes..I managed to run out of it before doing my borders!!! at the moment waiting for fabric to arrive is excruciating. The snow means that parcels delivered within the UK take almost the same time as coming from the USA!
Anyway, this is what it looks like so far without the 2 borders:

I have also finally completed the 72 HSTs and they are now pressed and ready to be assembled...cannot wait athough I am a little worried about the variety of colours in it...Let's see!

Best go and check on the dinner before all the boys get back home.


Saturday, 11 December 2010

I am back!!!

I have missed my blog loads...but up until a couple of weeks ago there was no quilting whatsoever!!!
Even Mr Whirlygiggles was getting worried about what I would do with "ALL THAT FABRIC" as he calls it!!!

The reason for my long absence?

I know that it looks like I had one MacDonalds too many but this is my 19 weeks + 2 days little baby bump!!!
Up to week 15 the sickness was too intense for any quilting to take place...

I have promised myself not to let any new siren projects lull me away from completing as many of my UFOs as possible before the baby arrives...having said that, 4 new quilts are being seriously considered at present together with cushions, tablecloths and pillowcases (this must be linked to hormonal changes no?)!!!
Also, how many baby quilts can a baby have?

My return to quilting started with a bang! The challenge of these Sunburst blocks (attached are 2 out of the 4):

The quilt is now finished and it is huge!!! Poor Mr Whirlygiggles could not hold it wide enough from side to side or high enough despite climbing on the lounge furniture!!
It is absolutely beautiful and worth every hour of cutting and sewing that went into it... This week it will be heading to Ferret to be quilted.

Well, I am off to start my weekend sewing!


Monday, 30 August 2010

Labour of Love!

I have been in my pjs all day sewing, cutting, arranging and I don't seem to have finished anything!

My latest quilt adventure is certainly turning out to be a true labour of love...160 half square triangles all stitched in place now (yeahhhhh!!!) and so have the 80 nine patch blocks (OMG!)

anyway, all done now, ironed and ready to be sewn into the borders. The last challenge will be the Sunburst Block with the funny little plastic templates...I might lose heart or my mind at this point!!!

The next photo is of one of my Kaffe Fassett quilts that Ferret quilted for is a very luscious yummy quilt and the binding has just be sewn on.....

and that is the backing fabric:

I finally also made a start on a quilt I have been thinking about for a while to cheer me up through the winter and here is a snapshot of it:

It contains some 'out of print' fabric (can you spot the birds? - Summer in the City) and I love all the fabrics on is huge and BRIGHT!!!!

anyway, bedtime now...
Amelie zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Long time, no blog :-(

I have been a bit poorly and very tired and very slow with my quilting....

I did however manage to make it to the Festival of Quilts for 4 hours only and except for the amazing Kaffe Fassett quilts, I saw very little else am afraid.
Having said that, I never cease being amazed by the strength of little old ladies who push and shove and elbow their way through these fairs!!!! and please someone remind me not to buy a rotary mat in the first 30 minutes and have to carry the darn thing through the whole fair!

Anyway, I finally finished cutting my new project and this weekend it has gone up on the design wall...only today I realised how small my design wall is as the last row of blocks was hanging off the edge!
Here is a sneaky preview:

These blocks are really gorgeous and very uplifting but my god, the preperation cutting and the sewing alone has been massive! There are 160 half square triangles in the main part of the quilt.
That is all I had to say to Mr Whirlygiggles who looked at me like I was mad and said.."goodness, give it up"..ha ha not even remotely funny! as if!


Monday, 9 August 2010

I digress again!

Whilst preparing for a new quilt based on a pattern from the Material Obsession 2 book, using a set of FQs that I have had for almost a year now (Recess by American Jane), I decided to give this a go as I love every part of the panel and the stories behind it!!!!

This is work in progress and still needs a few alterations but I think it is cute, cute, cute!!!

I have a few more of these panel stories and I would be happy to give 2 sets away!!!! (five frames each as per in my quilt)
I think when I reach 20 Followers I will do a lucky draw to celebrate!!!!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010


The new project!

Half of it has been sewn already and it is yummy! The orange is a gorgous shot cotton warm and cosy full of alternating yellow and red threads...
obviously not a boy's quilt so I guess I wil have to start another quilt soon for my nephew...I chose this quilt because it is a zig-zag and also because of the gorgeous orange which is one of his favourite colours...on reflection, this is too flowery for a boy, so it will have to join my stash instead! (not sadly)

No sewing tonight  (sadly)


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Why does learning has to be done the hard way?

The HST saga continues....

This is how many were completed and on the design wall :

a total of 33

BUT I then had to make a few more before the facing the Sunday supermarket nightmare (i.s. weekly shop)

So, the new total for the day: 42/72

and I was happy until i realised that I had made things extremely complicated for myself and also my triangle points are not matching perfectly and "not matching perfectly" in my books is enough to turn me into the Princess and the Pea ....
I did a quick test of my theory and realised that trimming each HST is unnecessary and also prevents the points from matching...not sure I am making sense (the ramblings of a Princess tormented by a Pea I hear you say!) but if the four pieces are sewn together and then trimmed, it all looks much much better!!!!

I also completed Week 7 of my Quilt-Along...another very painful lesson to me...despite all my love and affection this quilt is stressed!

Let's hope a good ironing will sort most of its problems out!

I was about to give you a snapshot of my new project and as I glanced at it I realised I have placed 2 rows wrongly!!!
Photo tomorrow!


Thursday, 29 July 2010


The HST patterns says "make 72 units". It is in black and white and I have read it many many many times.
How come I have 96 units cut up and ready to go?!!!!! arghhhhhh

I will read patterns thoroughly before cutting my favourite fabrics
I will read patterns thoroughly before cutting my favourite fabrics
I will read patterns thoroughly before cutting my favourite fabrics
x 100

Yes, yes, I know I could also make a baby quilt out of it BUT i don't want another HST quilt now...the next 15 projects in my head are keen to materialise!

Here is what the HST project looks like (random placement/not final yet) at the moment with the next few identical units pinned on the current ones in an attempt to introduce a bit of order and control!

As I am too knackered to sew tonight I have cut endlessly...I now have the setting triangles for this quilt also ready (hopefully in the right measurements) and also a gorgeous Kaffe Fassett and shot cotton combination Zig-Zag quilt for my gorgeous nephew..there will be a sneak preview at my next blog!

Off to Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Sunday, 25 July 2010


When it comes to work/team roles there is a test (Belbin) which is used to determine how you operate within a team. Well, I am not a very good team player (didn't need a test to tell me that) as I like to concentrate on a project and manage it from the beginning to the end (something that Mr Whirlygiggles never seems to be able to to especially when it comes to DIY !!!!).
According to the Belbin test I am an Implementer:
"Implementers have practical common sense and a good deal of self-control and discipline (not when it comes to fabric I do not!). They favour hard work (true - sadly) and tackle problems in a systematic fashion. They succeed because they are efficient (10 unfinished quilts demonstrate my efficiency?!) and because they have a sense of what is feasible  and relevant".

I would like to develop a Quilter's role test where I will be the:
 "Piecing Princess: head in the clouds, inclined to disregard pattern instructions and practical details of excellent quilt-making techniques! has imagination but engages it in inefficient and unorthodox ways. Her many ideas become counter-productive as she refuses to finish anything , a job which she sees as being below her highness status!"

Oh well, back to reality:
Ages ago I got two Swanky turnovers from the US and last night I could no longer help myself...oh...they are so pretty...if they were not fabric I would put them in a vase...and 2 pinwheels appeared!


I have sorted the pairs out and they are ready to be sewn together.
So many gorgeous things to make, so little time...

I also made a few more of my HSTs:

The lighting is not great on these as in finished them about 9pm and so I had to rely on artificial light.

The princess is off to bed soon where she will dream about starting a few more quilts despite the mounting unfinished ones....


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Softly Softly Catchey Monkey!

Meet Mr Mellow Yellow!

How cute is this little monkey?!!! Back in May when we went on holiday he came with us (plus 2 of his identical friends) and 3 green Giraffes !!! Since then they have been living in the middle of a heavy diary where they have been kept very flat and stared at with some trepidation!
Well, tonight was the night when after a few deep breaths I used my sewing machine with some lovely variegated thread (Ferret will be very proud of me :-)) and all 6 little creatures are looking really fab! It has been a while since I last worked on a kiddie's quilt and I am looking forward to putting this together.

Finally, I also  caught up with Week 6 of my Quilt Along...never has a quilt been handled with such gentleness before...yep, must remember never to do calico on the front again...thank god with loads of tlc and ironing it is ok but it has caused me a lot of unnecessary pain....

And a few more HSTs...What do you think of these Lynne? Hope you like them too!

Finally, here is my finished Authentic Baby Quilt top:

It has been a busy couple of days!!! my head is buzzing with 5 new quilt ideas...arghhhh

Off to Zzzzzzzz's land


Sunday, 18 July 2010

You can't keep a good woman down!!!

A dinner for 8 good friends, a whole load of cleaning, washing and ironing later and yippeeee, I still found a bit of time to do some quilting...
(I do fear that visitors to my blog will think I am the lazyiest person ever when it comes to chores - I am not, honest!!!).

I made 9 more HSTs blocks and they look pretty cute:

Ok, ONLY 57 more to go!!!

I also finished my Week 6 Crazy Mum Quilt-Along but I have not attached the border yet (tomorrow night is a quilt dedicated night!!!)

Off to the sofa for some hand sewing


Sunday, 11 July 2010

The sadness of another weekend gone....

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment...another Sunday coming to an end and it is ONLY my spine that is quite thankful about that!!!!

Yesterday I bought some more Kaffe Fassett fabric to make the back for my gorgeous Quick Trip quilt and here it is, held by a moaning Mr Whirlygiggles who feared he would break his neck falling off a small coffee table whilst having to hold the quilt top for a photo!!! men can be so dramatic!

The wind was blowing hence the movement towards the bottom part of the quilt top. I seriously adore this quilt because it was so simple and easy to make, a real gift. Let's see what the lovely Ferret will make of this one!!!

I have to tell you about the wonderful woman from Tikki who spent ages with me on Saturday afternoon working about some very complicated calculations for a back for this quilt. She was a real hero to do all that in 28 degrees!!!! What a lovely woman. Unfortunately I did not take her name and I would like to reassure her that everything she cut for me worked like magic. Thank you!

I also finished 4 more HST Overload blocks from a pattern I bought from the adorable Red Pepper Quilts:

I love each one of these, they are so cool. ONLY another 66 to go!!!!!

Off to bed to plan more quilts and to come to terms with another busy week to soon dawn on me!!!!


My good friend Quasimodo, Part 2!

It is almost midnight and taking advantage of an evening alone I have sewn and sewn and sewn so much that I am hurting!!!!

I have completed my Quilt-Along Week 5, yippeeee:

although it looks real cute, I am experiencing some movement in the fabric and i fear it is a combination of using thin calico and also sewing small (and loads) of squares...I hope it will all turn out well in the end...

I also did a few more kaleidoscope flowers and finished the borders of my "Quick Trip" quilt in the gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabrics.
I will get Mr Whirlygiggles to hold it up tomorrow so I can take a photo.

laughing smileys

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Take-Aways

I would like to start this blog by thanking my local take-away for feeding me and the family and seeing me through the mad twilights between the daily very long work hours (8am-7pm) and the need for a couple of quilting hours before bed!!!!! If it wasn't for them we would all starve or I would be summoned to do my kitchen duties which I try to avoid at all costs!!!

So, quilting progress so far:

I managed to catch up with Week 4 of 'Crazy Mom Quilts' Quilt-Along and Saturday night I went from this:

to this:

and finally to this:

Isn't it really really sweet? am so pleased with how it is coming along and pleased that all the cutting is now wrist is indeed very sore... BUT I cannot wait for the next instalment!

And this evening I finally found enough courage in me to tackle a quilt I cut weeks ago and was too scared to do in case I did not read the instructions properly again!!!
Eleanor Burns you are a wonderful woman, I adored your book, thank you and please please please adopt me!!!:

Obviously it is not finished yet (not even sewn together yet!!!!) but I am so happy with it and in awe of Eleanor.


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Heart is Moondancing...

I have wanted to do a Quilt-Along for a while and then I came across this:
I loved the blog and the plan of the quilt and for a few days I thought about it loads until I decided that I would definately do it! Quilt number...(eh...lost count, but who was counting in the first place???!!!)

I love the part of the process where you fall in love with a pattern and then you think and think and think (Kaffe would hate me if he heard this think think business!!!) and then there is a beautiful moment when everything clicks into place and it all makes sense...
Well, I had that moment on Thursday night when I decided that if I was to do this Quilt-along I would have to use fabric from my ever growing stash... I had a quick look and I stumbled on a kit that I bought in France last year...
I do not need an astrologer to tell me that I will never learn French or get to use the fabric for that specific pattern...and it was perfect...just perfect...soft and girly and sooo pretty..It's called Moondance and it is by Jenean Morrison for FreeSpirit.

I have been cutting and labelling my fabrics including the background, a gorgeous soft calico I bought from Carol:

again, well organised but will I read the whole pattern?!!!

In the course of last week I have also made a couple of my Lady of the Lake blocks for another quilt!!! Yes, there is no danger of me ever getting bored!

I am using my stash of Amy Butler fabrics and these are so delicious I have to concentrate not to drool over them!!! I heart them lots!!!


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Quilting in 30 °C...

My machine is almost on fire but since I had to go into the office yesterday I will quilt today no matter what the weather conditions!!!
Saturday night after a very disappointing visit to B&Q I made up my own design wall (my own design wall, so happy!!!) ...and of course I had to try it out and up went an Authentic charm pack!!!!

This is soooo cute it is unbelievable and since there is a baby on its way for one of my closest friends baby charm quilts are a necessity (as are ALL the new projects am starting at the moment!!!)

Then late last night I put up my French General quilt that I have been working on for a while now. To my great shame I must have missed some part of the intructions and then had to re-cut every block twice...

I will read the full pattern instructions in the future
I will read the full pattern instructions in the future
I will read the full pattern instructions in the future
I will read the full pattern instructions in the future
I will read the full pattern instructions in the future
 x 100

What a pain in the neck...some of the love has gone to be honest...

Anyway, maybe by the time I finish it the love will be re-kindled!

I need time, bags of it...the list of unfinished quilts is growing as is the planning of new ones...


Visitors to my blog!