Tuesday 20 July 2010

Softly Softly Catchey Monkey!

Meet Mr Mellow Yellow!

How cute is this little monkey?!!! Back in May when we went on holiday he came with us (plus 2 of his identical friends) and 3 green Giraffes !!! Since then they have been living in the middle of a heavy diary where they have been kept very flat and stared at with some trepidation!
Well, tonight was the night when after a few deep breaths I used my sewing machine with some lovely variegated thread (Ferret will be very proud of me :-)) and all 6 little creatures are looking really fab! It has been a while since I last worked on a kiddie's quilt and I am looking forward to putting this together.

Finally, I also  caught up with Week 6 of my Quilt Along...never has a quilt been handled with such gentleness before...yep, must remember never to do calico on the front again...thank god with loads of tlc and ironing it is ok but it has caused me a lot of unnecessary pain....

And a few more HSTs...What do you think of these Lynne? Hope you like them too!

Finally, here is my finished Authentic Baby Quilt top:

It has been a busy couple of days!!! my head is buzzing with 5 new quilt ideas...arghhhh

Off to Zzzzzzzz's land



  1. I love all your HSTs, and your authentic quilt top - you seem to produce a lot more than me - slow down and make me feel less inadequate!

  2. Ha ha!!! you have 4 kids to look after!!! it is amazing you get the time and energy to do as much as you do...I only have work and a 'big' baby hubby!!!
    Cannot slow down yet...i still have the fire of the 1-year old quilter!!!
    Take care


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