Sunday 25 July 2010


When it comes to work/team roles there is a test (Belbin) which is used to determine how you operate within a team. Well, I am not a very good team player (didn't need a test to tell me that) as I like to concentrate on a project and manage it from the beginning to the end (something that Mr Whirlygiggles never seems to be able to to especially when it comes to DIY !!!!).
According to the Belbin test I am an Implementer:
"Implementers have practical common sense and a good deal of self-control and discipline (not when it comes to fabric I do not!). They favour hard work (true - sadly) and tackle problems in a systematic fashion. They succeed because they are efficient (10 unfinished quilts demonstrate my efficiency?!) and because they have a sense of what is feasible  and relevant".

I would like to develop a Quilter's role test where I will be the:
 "Piecing Princess: head in the clouds, inclined to disregard pattern instructions and practical details of excellent quilt-making techniques! has imagination but engages it in inefficient and unorthodox ways. Her many ideas become counter-productive as she refuses to finish anything , a job which she sees as being below her highness status!"

Oh well, back to reality:
Ages ago I got two Swanky turnovers from the US and last night I could no longer help myself...oh...they are so pretty...if they were not fabric I would put them in a vase...and 2 pinwheels appeared!


I have sorted the pairs out and they are ready to be sewn together.
So many gorgeous things to make, so little time...

I also made a few more of my HSTs:

The lighting is not great on these as in finished them about 9pm and so I had to rely on artificial light.

The princess is off to bed soon where she will dream about starting a few more quilts despite the mounting unfinished ones....



  1. Its mattresses that the Princess had ,remember the pea ?but in your case your Majesty I guess quilts will do ,,ni nite ,sleep tite Jan xx

  2. Hi Jan,
    I guess I will have to be the princess and the basting(pea)!!! that's the bit I cannot face!
    Take care
    Amelie x


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