Sunday 11 July 2010

The sadness of another weekend gone....

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment...another Sunday coming to an end and it is ONLY my spine that is quite thankful about that!!!!

Yesterday I bought some more Kaffe Fassett fabric to make the back for my gorgeous Quick Trip quilt and here it is, held by a moaning Mr Whirlygiggles who feared he would break his neck falling off a small coffee table whilst having to hold the quilt top for a photo!!! men can be so dramatic!

The wind was blowing hence the movement towards the bottom part of the quilt top. I seriously adore this quilt because it was so simple and easy to make, a real gift. Let's see what the lovely Ferret will make of this one!!!

I have to tell you about the wonderful woman from Tikki who spent ages with me on Saturday afternoon working about some very complicated calculations for a back for this quilt. She was a real hero to do all that in 28 degrees!!!! What a lovely woman. Unfortunately I did not take her name and I would like to reassure her that everything she cut for me worked like magic. Thank you!

I also finished 4 more HST Overload blocks from a pattern I bought from the adorable Red Pepper Quilts:

I love each one of these, they are so cool. ONLY another 66 to go!!!!!

Off to bed to plan more quilts and to come to terms with another busy week to soon dawn on me!!!!



  1. Ooh I love this quilt - nice fabrics you're using too - I can't get enough of LOVE at the moment - I love everything I see it in.

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Thank you so much for following me and also for your comment.
    I have been following your blog and have a few things to add to your
    I have many of these!!!!
    thanks again


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