Tuesday 29 June 2010

My Heart is Moondancing...

I have wanted to do a Quilt-Along for a while and then I came across this:
I loved the blog and the plan of the quilt and for a few days I thought about it loads until I decided that I would definately do it! Quilt number...(eh...lost count, but who was counting in the first place???!!!)

I love the part of the process where you fall in love with a pattern and then you think and think and think (Kaffe would hate me if he heard this think think business!!!) and then there is a beautiful moment when everything clicks into place and it all makes sense...
Well, I had that moment on Thursday night when I decided that if I was to do this Quilt-along I would have to use fabric from my ever growing stash... I had a quick look and I stumbled on a kit that I bought in France last year...
I do not need an astrologer to tell me that I will never learn French or get to use the fabric for that specific pattern...and it was perfect...just perfect...soft and girly and sooo pretty..It's called Moondance and it is by Jenean Morrison for FreeSpirit.

I have been cutting and labelling my fabrics including the background, a gorgeous soft calico I bought from Carol:

again, well organised but will I read the whole pattern?!!!

In the course of last week I have also made a couple of my Lady of the Lake blocks for another quilt!!! Yes, there is no danger of me ever getting bored!

I am using my stash of Amy Butler fabrics and these are so delicious I have to concentrate not to drool over them!!! I heart them lots!!!



  1. you are moving along at pace.... look ofrward to seeing htis finished.. Have to confess that I haven't touched my machine for nearly 3 weeks.. (and no I'm not feeling sick..) See you soon

  2. Fiona hi!!!

    Which pace is that then? cause to me it feels like the snail's pace!!! I will not let teh heat defeat me!!! or is there another reason why you have not touched your machine?..u sure u r ok?
    take care and see u soon x


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