Tuesday 15 June 2010

The Terror of Colour Choice

On Friday (25th June) I will be spending the day with Kaffe Fassett & Lisa Prior Lucy in the "Colour in Design" workshop at the V&A. How exciting is that?!!!! :-)

However, ever since I received the course outline I have been running scared as we have to prepare for the class by picking the colour scheme we want to make the Snowball quilt in. Now, that should not be too hard I hear you thinking? ha ha!

So, I have spend loads of time looking and buying a variety of fabrics, a lot of mental energy planning what I would like my colour scheme to look like and a lot of anguish over whether I have it all wrong!!!

Well, it is all layed out here and shortly I will be taking the rotary cutter to it...god help us!

Yellows, oranges, browns, bottom left
darker reds, top left
brighter reds, middle
blues and purples, top right
light purple to light pinks, bottom right

Does it look utterly mad?



  1. Yes it looks mad, but a vary lovely mad!!!! Enjoy your workshop.

  2. Hi Amo, I am sure he (the master!) will help bring some order into my chaos!!!
    Thank you

  3. Kaffe Fassett O-M-G ,The colours are BRILLIANT lovely lovely lovely ...love Jan xx

  4. Hi Jan, am so glad you think that!!! I am sooo worried :-(
    thank you
    Amelie x


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