Friday 11 June 2010

The Process Pledge: sweat and tears, mainly tears

For the last two terms I have been working on Ferret's sampler quilt featured on the cover of her Ferreting Around book. Ferret is an absolutely wonderful teacher and I adore her to bits and I am sure I have tried her patience many a times with my silly questions especially when it came to the Mariner's Compass parts of the sampler....OMG....I have been practically tearing my hair out over these, but tadahhhhhh, finally 1& 2 are ready, only 2 more to go!!! and I seem to understand foundation piecing a bit more than I did in the beginning..

and out of curiocity I just twisted the two around and my my my..

ain't that pretty?!!!! well, it would be pretty if it got stitched together properly!

I have promised myself that I will not put my best quilts up without their binding completed but I could not resist this teeny little preview shot of my latest Kaffe Fassett quilted by Ferret

thank you Ferret!

I now have 4 quilts waiting for their binding and 4 waiting to be basted and quilted!!!!



  1. That compass is fab!! Well done. At least when it comes to binding you can take it out to a shady part of the garden and do it outside. WHEN the sun comes out that is!

  2. Hi Amo, I am a long way from binding just yet! trusts me, by the time this quilt is finished, it will be even more shady than it is at present!!!
    Thank you for your comment


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