Sunday 6 June 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

The weekend is sadly coming to an end and I have not done as much as I would have liked to.

However I have managed to meet all of the above in the last 3 hours!!!

                                                     The Good
I skinned and put back together my first ever tablerunner and it looks really cute and pucker-free! It is now completely done, pheeeewwwww...

The Bad
Being very new to blogging, I missed a comment from Sarah Fielke on seeing her amazing quilts at Pur L'Amour du Fil....Sarah, if you ever see this, please accept my apologies!!!! It made my day to have a comment from you. Thank you.

The Ugly
I finished my Whirlygiggles quilt and guess squares are different sizes and no matter what I do the seams will not meet properly :-(
It is sad sad sad. I am a bit upset with the pattern that never said anything about using a special ruler or measuring the blocks in a particular way. The "quilt police" in me rejected the quilt until the lovely Carol had a brilliant idea and thin white sashing is being cut as we might not all be lost yet.


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