Monday 31 May 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy :-(

and no time for quilting until this weekend yeepeeeee....thank god for another long weekend and I have done quite a bit!
First of all I went to a class (I must be mad! like I needed another UFO) and everything seemed far too complicated for my little brain...I am not sure I got the main technique at all :-(
However, I did make a start at using my beautiful silks which I brought back from our recent trip to Thailand. So, with a lot of hard work for a novice, this:

turned into this:
well, not quite as easily as that to be honest...actually, a few hours later ;-)

I think the art quilts will have to wait a tad longer...

Other things I have done this weekend:

1. I finished cutting my next project which will turn into an Anka's Treasures pattern

2. Worked endlessly on Block 8 & Block 9 (last one!) of my Butterfly Garden

3. Tidied up the Study which was covered with fabrics, threads and scraps. I must note here that this was not done because I love tidying up! hell no!!! it was more a case of 'I must protect my creations' as I am off to Scotland tomorrow for the next 4 days...separation anxiety or what?!!!!

4. Skinned my tablerunner (photo on earlier post) as I was too ashamed of how it had puckered and learned the hard way tha I must remember to quilt from the centre, not the edges...Well, the good news are that my tablerunner is in the process of being binded and it looks brilliant!!!! I think starching it to the point that I could have skateboarded with it actually helped loads!!!! I heart starch...truly!


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  1. A very bust time there Amelie! I hate tidying just because I can never find anything afterwards. A tool's home should be just within reach!!


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