Monday 17 May 2010

I have seen the light!

Well, first of all I have been here, there and everywhere!!!

During the month of May I went to France, then to Italy then to Greece! Globetrotting or what?!

Then my computer screen died a slow and painful death and I could not see my blog :-(...oh well...

The best bit of the Italy journey was taking the quilt i mentioned in an earlier post to my sister and here it is!!! Finally completed the night before our flight...perfect timing!

I think she really liked it even though she would have preferred it much much longer!
It is yummy yummy....

The best bit of the Greece trip was this breathtaking view....

I can feel a curvy quilt coming on!!!!



  1. A lovely quilt and the blue sea is beautiful!

  2. hello there
    really really nice
    well done kiki <3


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