Tuesday 27 April 2010

"POUR L'AMOUR DU FIL" - Nantes Weekend - Part 1!

Well, that "Eyjafjallajokull" volcano did not manage to spoil my plans! I was soooo happy when I got on the plane to Nantes on Saturday, yeepeeeeeee!
I booked my flight and hotel shortly after Christmas and felt really sad at the thought that the volcano was going to stop me from seeing some of my favourite quilts close up...

Sarah Fielke never made it unfortunately (I so hoped to meet her) but her beautiful quilts were there and they so yummy and it was quite something to see them close up. I have spend loads of time looking through the Material Obsession books and I have dreamt that the day will come when I will be able to make something as beautiful as these quilts. So, I went close, I drooled, I took loads of photos and I bored my friend to death by looking like a love-struck teenager at these quilts!!!

Well, enough chat, here are some of the best pics:

The winter tree has little crystal on it, ahhh sooo beautiful!

This quilt is ever so cute but unfortunately I did not manage to get a clear shot of one of the pretty dollies! They had crocheted flowers on their dresses!!!!

I also thought the work of Sue Spargo was equally amazing, full of detail, colour and imagination...ahhhh

I do not know who made the gorgeouness blow BUT this stole my heart and I know that I NEED one of these!!!! (in the same way that I need more fabric, not!!!) but look:

As Rachel from P.S i quilt (one of my most favourite blogs) says: I heart this...a lot...a lot

I can see me sitting on one of these doing my binding or hand-piecing (when I get over my terror of the irregularity of my stitches that is!!!!).

Well, to all the amazing quilters out there (and I have not even started to talk about the Japanese quilts yet), 
'Thank you, Keep Going and please forgive any excessive drooling close to your quilts! (fortunately they were cordoned off!!!!!)

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  1. Thank you Amelie, it was lovely to see my quilts on your blog and I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing them. Maybe I will get to come to France next time :)


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