Sunday 11 April 2010

Children's artwork - my new challenge!

As a 'Thank you' to my lovely workplace, I took home a whole load of children's artwork hoping that I will be able to make something worth auctioning.

I went through the whole stack and was very sad to realise that the paint on the calico is not permanent and cannot be fixed permanently either. I guess the way forward is not a quilt but a wallhanging that can be dusted off and not have to be washed...

Here is a preview of the squares I have picked...I have tried to have some sort of colour similarities to make my fabric choice easier. Hopefully this project will not become my one way ticket to madness!!!!!

I was thinking of a 5 piece project like this one that I made from a Homespun recipe which was very modern but I decided to turn Japanese!!! Isn't it cute?????

The children's artwork I chose are below and before you start thinking that I cannot count, I chose 6 as a starting point and will be making a final decision as the project unfolds!

I love the top left square. Have a look at the 2 cool figures in it!:

I love these 2!

ok, I am off to buy more fabric...ehhhh, to sew more fabric! my god, someone please rob me off my credit card so I cannot order any more gorgeous fabric like the recent arrival of more Heather Bailey into this blessed home! My cupboard is creaking at the seams!!!!! I guess part of my problem is that I do not want to cut into it...just to store it, look at it adoringly and stroke it I a fabric lunatic? fear so....


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