Tuesday 6 April 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend

Well, I will have to write my quilting journey backwards by the looks of things!

I enjoyed a long weekend of quilting and cinema (lucky me!) and produced quite a bit but my happiest moment was when I saw my first whirlygiggle!!!! I was so scared that it would not work out...When I first got the four pieces together it was a bit longer and a bit shorter in places but then, hey presto! here it is:

Since then I have only managed to make 2 more but tonight I will carry on...

More unfinished objects from the weekend:

My French General table runner from a lovely recipe at Moda Bakeshop:

and two preemie quilts from fabric leftover from another project!!

I also (yes, I did say I am obsessed with quilting!!!!!) FINALLY finished my flower pinwheel quilt that I started at Christmas (arghhh, needleturn applique takes so long when you are as slow as me!) amd my Wonderland quilt which was a lovely recipe called Tulip Wonderland by Kate Henderson (Thank you Kate, what a wonderful quilt).
As there is a distinct luck of a design wall in my cupboard, I will have to wait until Mr Whirlygiggles is back home to hold them up to be photographed.

Until then, coffee is calling my name louder and louder.....

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