Saturday 17 April 2010

Uploading the past...

Back to my blog, another weekend is here and we are halfway through it already  :-(
and before I know it it will all be over and I would not have finished anything again!arghhhh

Recording my quilt (hi)story has been pretty slow compared to my huge enthusiasm and the desire with which I have approached patchwork. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself sitting opposite a machine and handling fabrics and yet here I am!!! and friends are never short of amazement at this new passion and just how much I have made in the short 10 months that I have been at it!
I still remember the first day I walked into Carol's shop "Just Between Friends" and had my first lesson, my first touch of the sewing machine and my first experience of handling fabric. It was Carol's encouragement and warmth that made it all seem so possible. Next step was the purchase of a small Brother machine (my first one ever) just in case I could not get on with patchwork! little did I know then!!!!

Today's visit to Carol has increased my stash by a layer cake and two charm packs from the new French General range called Rural Jardin, YUMMY! I already have a sneaky plan for the cake!

Ok, carrying on the past, on that first visit to Carol's I was so wowed by her Butterfly Garden quilt that I decided to start one myself. That was going to be my 'Amelie' quilt.
Well, the first block was so hard to put together and so difficult to get the little squares to match up that I ended up doing it twice!!!! since then every part of it has become easier. One of the things I adore about this quilt is that has become a brilliant record of my quilting history...I can see how much I have moved on since that first block but  in spite of all its mistakes, every block to me is as beautiful as that first one ...
Here is a preview of the first few blocks...I only have 2 more to go before the quilt is complete!
I have used a combination of fabrics including a few older pieces and that beautifully bright silky red. I hope it will all survive time....

I adore these blocks so much, here is another pinned on the curtains!!

After I started my 'Amelie' quilt, I bought some Amy Butler fabrics (I simply adore her designs)  and decided to do a quilt for my sister. I can only thank my teacher Ferret for standing by me very patiently in the beginning as I struggled with this quilt enormously. Miraculously my "Moroccan Sorbet" (you will soon see why the name!) was finished and I fell in love with it so much so that I could not part with it. It lies gorgeously in a wooden chest under lock and key (now, I would not want a thief to come into our flat and steal my quilts, would I?!!!!). Ferret did a beautiful job quilting it on her longarm and here it is:

I have made a few kiddie quilts since then in the course of my 10 month quilting journey but they are not all finished so I will not show them just yet!
I am ashamed to say that I have 5-6 UFOs (UnFinished Objects-for the non quilting folk out there!). They live in a lovely box under the promise that they will soon be brought out to be quilted, gifted and loved!


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