Wednesday 21 April 2010

Huge moments of happiness!!!

A few things recently have made me feel on top of the world..a lovely long walk with Mr Whirlygiggles through a newly discovered route next to a canal, one of my friends seeing my blog and liking my quilts and my teacher Ferret who thought that my work has improved loads since the beginning and my piecing of quilt tops is looking good!!! yeeeeha!!!
I wish I could reward her by spending more time on the sampler we have been working on together for the last two terms now or by learning how to quilt on my new Husqvarna. But I am sure she knows that in time she will see more improvements and will finally feel rewarded that her efforts have not been wasted.

Well, the time has come to reveal bits of the quilt ( my first Kaffe Fassett) that I will (promised and I have to stand by my turning back no matter how much I would love to....) give to my sister. It was a kit I bought in a fair in France and the lovely Ferret has quilted it for me. The quilting is exquisite, done with different colour threads on every different colour section of the quilt and it is truly gorgeous.
I am trying to finish off the binding soon as we are taking it with us to Italy on the bank holiday weekend:

Isn't it delicious? have a look at this one too:

That is the back of the quilt and believe me, the quilting is soooo gorgeous that it is almost another quilt on the about this one?

As soon as I finish the binding I will take a few pictures for my blog so you can see it in its full glory!!!


  1. Amelie I found you through Ferrets blog Hi ! your quilts are truly beautiful ,what jewel colours Jan xx

  2. Another Ferret follower here too! Great colours on the quilts!

  3. I am also a Ferret follower, good job.


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