Sunday 20 June 2010

The Master & the Class!

Kaffe Fassett    :-)

What a gorgeous man he is and how lucky was I to construct something under his very experienced gaze?
We planned to make a Snowball quilt. Worked manically all morning on the background squares and having decided that magentas and hot reds were going to be my thing, I came up with some construction which I was terrified that he would come along and tear apart!!!!
He took one look at my quilt and it went from this:

to this: (one look!!!!! a few nanoseconds....see if you can spot some differences like the purple and white dot have vanished!!!)

and finally to the big moment of the day when Kaffe spoke individually about every quilt in particular relation to the choice of colour for the tiny squares that will finish off the Snowball quilt: (please excuse the bad camerawoman job...i was standing on a chair and was trying to get the whole thing in over people's heads!!!)

Liza Prior Lucy was also there helping the confused students like myself along and here she is holding up a wonderful applique quilt she has made with Kaffe's fabrics (WOW):

We talked about colour, we talked about Kaffe working day night with little sleep and disliking people who 'dillydally'(my word!) people who take loooooooooooads of time to think about what goes where as opposed to putting everything up on the design wall (I need one esperately!!!) and then working until it all blends well together.

Key pieces of advice as I heard it on the day:
1. Get on with it and don't dillydally
2. Cut and put pieces up without too much thought (music is a good distraction)
3. Your eyes will fall in the hole of the fabric that does not belong with the rest
4. Get yourself a reducing glass, they are AMAZING. Best gadget to date!
5. Book yourself on a day with Kaffe...he is sooooo lovely
6. If you have not been to the V&A yet, it is a MUST.

I could barely sleep on Friday night after he said that he really liked my quilt!!! am such a baby! ;-)



  1. It's very him so I'm not surprised he like the quilt. It's hard to spot what he changed but it looks much more like one of his after. Strange I wouldn't have thought it would come through so strongly on such a simple pattern.

  2. Hello you!!!! I just got in, straight on the blog and I missed you comment altogether!! Until now!!!
    Once I can get hold of the shot cotton for the small squares it will come your way!!!
    take care

  3. Dear Amelie, I am loving your blog is pure inspiration.
    Could you please send me the photos that you took from my work at Kaffeee's workshop. Thank you very much.
    XXX Giovanna

  4. Giovanna hi,
    sorry I have been so late with teh photos...
    I will do it now
    A xx

  5. Hi Giovanna

    I emailed you some photos yesterday, please let me knwo if you got them!
    A x


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