Sunday 1 August 2010

Why does learning has to be done the hard way?

The HST saga continues....

This is how many were completed and on the design wall :

a total of 33

BUT I then had to make a few more before the facing the Sunday supermarket nightmare (i.s. weekly shop)

So, the new total for the day: 42/72

and I was happy until i realised that I had made things extremely complicated for myself and also my triangle points are not matching perfectly and "not matching perfectly" in my books is enough to turn me into the Princess and the Pea ....
I did a quick test of my theory and realised that trimming each HST is unnecessary and also prevents the points from matching...not sure I am making sense (the ramblings of a Princess tormented by a Pea I hear you say!) but if the four pieces are sewn together and then trimmed, it all looks much much better!!!!

I also completed Week 7 of my Quilt-Along...another very painful lesson to me...despite all my love and affection this quilt is stressed!

Let's hope a good ironing will sort most of its problems out!

I was about to give you a snapshot of my new project and as I glanced at it I realised I have placed 2 rows wrongly!!!
Photo tomorrow!



  1. Almost puts you off when they dont line up ,doesnt it ?its good to take a break and comer back fresh at it , Jan xx ,

  2. Hi Jan,
    it sure does, especially when you have put all the time and effort in it and you have another 30 to go!!!!
    Deep breaths and you are right, a few days away from this project will do us both the world of good!
    take care
    a x


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