Saturday 11 December 2010

I am back!!!

I have missed my blog loads...but up until a couple of weeks ago there was no quilting whatsoever!!!
Even Mr Whirlygiggles was getting worried about what I would do with "ALL THAT FABRIC" as he calls it!!!

The reason for my long absence?

I know that it looks like I had one MacDonalds too many but this is my 19 weeks + 2 days little baby bump!!!
Up to week 15 the sickness was too intense for any quilting to take place...

I have promised myself not to let any new siren projects lull me away from completing as many of my UFOs as possible before the baby arrives...having said that, 4 new quilts are being seriously considered at present together with cushions, tablecloths and pillowcases (this must be linked to hormonal changes no?)!!!
Also, how many baby quilts can a baby have?

My return to quilting started with a bang! The challenge of these Sunburst blocks (attached are 2 out of the 4):

The quilt is now finished and it is huge!!! Poor Mr Whirlygiggles could not hold it wide enough from side to side or high enough despite climbing on the lounge furniture!!
It is absolutely beautiful and worth every hour of cutting and sewing that went into it... This week it will be heading to Ferret to be quilted.

Well, I am off to start my weekend sewing!



  1. Yes you have been missed. Many congratulations Amelie and Mr WG!!! and a fab quilt too.

  2. Hi Babe

    YES Sir eeeeeeeeeeee you have been sorely missed
    so happy to see you back and I love those quilts
    congrats to both of you

    just buy more cupboards LOL

  3. Hey congratulations on the BUMP! And how on earth do you make those amazing sunburst blocks - they have to be hand pieced right? Happy new year and good luck with the progression of the bump. X


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