Sunday 19 December 2010

Winter Wonderland!

The view from our balcony today...yesterday there was a huge snowstorm that went on and on...I felt so sorry for people caught in it...

Whilst the weather has been dreadful and I have a cold which I most definately could do without, the quilting activity has peaked!!!

Our 21 year old got back from university completely skinned...a few quick calculations later and I had him doing some fabric cutting!!! This boy is truly amazing and a very gifted cutter; despite the initial worries about us ending up in hospital with a removed finger, he cut 768 squares which measure 1 3/4 without a moan, a winge or any sign of back problems!!! My hero!!! (well it did cost me a few bob but then again I handed that
 over gladly).

Here are the fruits of his labour (the tiny squares of shot cotton).

I am now ready to progress on my snowball quilt that I started with Kaffe Fassett at the V&A. Well, almost ready to start that one, as soon as I finish my first baby quilt which is made up of these cuties:

The owl fabric is extremely gorgeous and yes..I managed to run out of it before doing my borders!!! at the moment waiting for fabric to arrive is excruciating. The snow means that parcels delivered within the UK take almost the same time as coming from the USA!
Anyway, this is what it looks like so far without the 2 borders:

I have also finally completed the 72 HSTs and they are now pressed and ready to be assembled...cannot wait athough I am a little worried about the variety of colours in it...Let's see!

Best go and check on the dinner before all the boys get back home.


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