Monday 27 December 2010

It's a Dolly Holiday!

A belated "Merry Christmas" if you are reading my blog now...hope you have had loads of lovely company, food and pressies!!!

One of my best pressies was a Spa voucher from my best friend :-) thank you thank you thank you
and 4 patchwork rulers from my beloved Mr Whirlygiggles (despite the fact that he thinks I am very sad to get so excited over rulers !!!)
 So exciting!!! all the new quilts that can be made!

Anyway, finally managed to finish my HST quilt...I was so worried about the huge variety of Amy Butler fabrics and colours but it turned out very fresh and lovely. It has not been trimmed yet but could not resist putting a photo up:

I know I said I would NOT start anything new until i finish all my current projects BUT these dollies have been my little sirens for a long time and here they are:

These are from the wonderful Material Obsession book and this is a quilt by Sarah Fielke whose work is always amazing...
There are 13 dollies in total. These are the small ones and they are almost ready. I have also finished the large dollies but they have no hat yet and they are far too shy to show themselves to the world without a hat!!!!

                                                                Amelie x


  1. love the dolly blocks and the hst quilt. good to see you back quilting.
    Erin x.

  2. i forgot.!!!.........
    Happy New Year.
    Erin x.


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