Friday 31 December 2010

La la la...and a Happy New Year!

:-(    am not allowed to quilt...
well, there has been so much to do yesterday and today in preparation for a little family & friends party and my sister and her boys coming over from Italy that there has been no time for sewing...

BUT, a couple of days ago I managed to make 6 of the houses for my dollies quilt and all the large dollies have hats now!!!

They are soooooo cute:

 and my favourite large dolly so far (although that seems to change daily!!)

I better go any cook my dish for tonight (Mr Whirlygiggles has already finished all his jobs!!!!!)

                                                             HAPPY NEW YEAR

                                                                          Amelie x

1 comment:


    love the dolly blocks. must see a photo when finished.
    the HST quilt is great.
    now the festivities are over we can resume our work, have lots of ideas my self buzzing about in my head.
    all the best for 2011.


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