Sunday 19 June 2011

Night labour!

More Japanese X Blocks!

I love these blocks and what I love more about them is the thinking that I have to do for the colour choices and the lack of concentration that I seem to show nowadays when it comes to the construction of the blocks!!!
Please try not to look at the pictures too closely...not all points are matching as they should...but I am trying to be more tolerant of myself and more forgiving of my lack of patience when sewing after 10pm :-)

So, for the quilt police out there...thank god you don't know where I live!!!!

This next one has to be amongst my favourites...I loooove it!

I love the way these blocks are evolving...I started with one range of fabrics (scraps left over from another quilt) as I wanted some uniformity...but a number of other fabrics have been since introduced and I feel a lot less worried about the overall effect...(these might be my famous last words !!!)

Well, 25 done, another 26 to go!!!! Easy peasy (NOT) !!!!

                                                               Amelie x


  1. They are all lovely but my favourite is the yellow, black and grey one. It just jumps out at you.

  2. Hi, I just discovered your blog today on Brit Quilt on Flickr and love so many of your quilts. I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog today (http://scissorsandthread.blogspotcom)

  3. They are a lovely selection of colours and prints! Gorgeous


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