Friday 14 June 2013

Change is not my friend!

Said the woman who insists on the same Chinese restaurant when we treat ourselves to a meal in Chinatown, who gets panicked when set plans are altered and who has turned her 2 year old into a routine abiding citizen!!! Try walking past the cafe where Isabella and mummy have our customary omelette on a Friday after playgroup and the world would get to hear about it from Isabella who would be shouting 'dinner, dinner' at the top of her voice!!!!

So, why oh why, give up the customary easy decorative stitching on seams for an all over wavy quilting line ? don't bother telling me, I have already flaggelated myself enough.  Have a look at my lovely little quilt below: I finally used my Summerville charm pack with a lovely oyster off white solid and a disappearing nine patch and kaboom!!! it looked stunning! modern fresh and unisex! That was before quilting it though!!! anyway, enough still looks great to be honest but I will leave the wavy lines out of my next little quilt!!!

Here is the front:

and the back which is better than the front!!!: made with a piece of Summerville and a grey fabric I picked up on sale in John Lewis last year! It looks like a city behind a huge fence enclosing its gardens! Everyone has loved this little quilt so yes, am happy too  :-)

I also made a Granny Squares quilt for the bella Isabella with some white sashing and a white border to focus the eyes on the blocks instead. This is super-cutie-licious!!!!!!!!!!! every central square has a little animal, boy or girl in it and the fabrics are gorgeous.....made with 2.5" pieces from 3 charm packs.

a block:

another favourite block:

On the wall and not pieced yet is my seahorse quilt. This fabric is absolutely beautiful and the fat quarter stash also contained a panel with lovely large pieces (aka the bottom right seahorse). My friend Carla loves her white squares and this quilt is an inspiration from her work. When I finish it (operative word being 'when'), I am sure it will look lovely. For now, it waits patiently its turn in queue number 6!!!

I know I have written before about fabric avalanches and how I have almost been killed by these in the course of the last year! I swear this is what my fabric stash looks like AFTER spending 2 days of clear out,  1 huge container full of fabric and other attempts to shove fabric into boxes, shelves and drawers around the house!!!! I will not even attempt to fool you about the amount of fabric I stash in the very last 2 shelves which are only in partial view because of the length of my desk. OMG!!!!
If fabric is my therapy, this can only be a 20 year Freudian analysis!!!!

In the process of cleaning up, I found these pieces which came out of a charm pack I bought ages ago from OXFAM would you believe!!! I think it is mainly Sari fabrics and very very thin silks. I decided to take them all out and have a look and this is what they look like. Not sure whether I love or fear this square on my design wall....probably a bit of both...a kind of 'fools rush in....': if anyone out there has an opinion about it please share! I would love to hear what you think.

The other day when I was looking for a photo of my quilts that might tell a story, I found these pictures of Isabella.
In the first one she is asleep during her afternoon nap with her comfort toy wrapped over her face!!! the second one is where she just woke up thinking 'what are my loonie parents doing taking photos of me now?' Isabella's cot is the most cozy place on the planet! surrounded by her quilts, on a flannel sheet made by mummy, on a pillow made by me, very often I want to get in there too!

PS. Isabella turned 2 end of April....OMG where does time fly too? when are those horrible tantrums meant to kick in?!!!!

                                                                      Amelie x


  1. she is so cute! Also, love the finishes! Miss you xx

  2. Well well well.... I'm glad to know that my work is an inspiration to you Darling!! Fantastic!

    Let me tell you your stash is just crazy, and I mean crazy, I'm still laughing now...... but I still see a few gaps in there, specially in that grey bit :-) lol

    Your quilts are just beautiful. Well done young Lady

    As for your daughter she's just so so cute. Lovely Isabella

    Love your work xxxx


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