Monday, 30 August 2010

Labour of Love!

I have been in my pjs all day sewing, cutting, arranging and I don't seem to have finished anything!

My latest quilt adventure is certainly turning out to be a true labour of love...160 half square triangles all stitched in place now (yeahhhhh!!!) and so have the 80 nine patch blocks (OMG!)

anyway, all done now, ironed and ready to be sewn into the borders. The last challenge will be the Sunburst Block with the funny little plastic templates...I might lose heart or my mind at this point!!!

The next photo is of one of my Kaffe Fassett quilts that Ferret quilted for is a very luscious yummy quilt and the binding has just be sewn on.....

and that is the backing fabric:

I finally also made a start on a quilt I have been thinking about for a while to cheer me up through the winter and here is a snapshot of it:

It contains some 'out of print' fabric (can you spot the birds? - Summer in the City) and I love all the fabrics on is huge and BRIGHT!!!!

anyway, bedtime now...
Amelie zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Long time, no blog :-(

I have been a bit poorly and very tired and very slow with my quilting....

I did however manage to make it to the Festival of Quilts for 4 hours only and except for the amazing Kaffe Fassett quilts, I saw very little else am afraid.
Having said that, I never cease being amazed by the strength of little old ladies who push and shove and elbow their way through these fairs!!!! and please someone remind me not to buy a rotary mat in the first 30 minutes and have to carry the darn thing through the whole fair!

Anyway, I finally finished cutting my new project and this weekend it has gone up on the design wall...only today I realised how small my design wall is as the last row of blocks was hanging off the edge!
Here is a sneaky preview:

These blocks are really gorgeous and very uplifting but my god, the preperation cutting and the sewing alone has been massive! There are 160 half square triangles in the main part of the quilt.
That is all I had to say to Mr Whirlygiggles who looked at me like I was mad and said.."goodness, give it up"..ha ha not even remotely funny! as if!


Monday, 9 August 2010

I digress again!

Whilst preparing for a new quilt based on a pattern from the Material Obsession 2 book, using a set of FQs that I have had for almost a year now (Recess by American Jane), I decided to give this a go as I love every part of the panel and the stories behind it!!!!

This is work in progress and still needs a few alterations but I think it is cute, cute, cute!!!

I have a few more of these panel stories and I would be happy to give 2 sets away!!!! (five frames each as per in my quilt)
I think when I reach 20 Followers I will do a lucky draw to celebrate!!!!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010


The new project!

Half of it has been sewn already and it is yummy! The orange is a gorgous shot cotton warm and cosy full of alternating yellow and red threads...
obviously not a boy's quilt so I guess I wil have to start another quilt soon for my nephew...I chose this quilt because it is a zig-zag and also because of the gorgeous orange which is one of his favourite colours...on reflection, this is too flowery for a boy, so it will have to join my stash instead! (not sadly)

No sewing tonight  (sadly)


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Why does learning has to be done the hard way?

The HST saga continues....

This is how many were completed and on the design wall :

a total of 33

BUT I then had to make a few more before the facing the Sunday supermarket nightmare (i.s. weekly shop)

So, the new total for the day: 42/72

and I was happy until i realised that I had made things extremely complicated for myself and also my triangle points are not matching perfectly and "not matching perfectly" in my books is enough to turn me into the Princess and the Pea ....
I did a quick test of my theory and realised that trimming each HST is unnecessary and also prevents the points from matching...not sure I am making sense (the ramblings of a Princess tormented by a Pea I hear you say!) but if the four pieces are sewn together and then trimmed, it all looks much much better!!!!

I also completed Week 7 of my Quilt-Along...another very painful lesson to me...despite all my love and affection this quilt is stressed!

Let's hope a good ironing will sort most of its problems out!

I was about to give you a snapshot of my new project and as I glanced at it I realised I have placed 2 rows wrongly!!!
Photo tomorrow!


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