Thursday 20 January 2011

Amelie's Garden

The time has come to celebrate the completion of this quilt.

The quilt below is a very special quilt to me. I started quilting in May 2009 and this pattern (Leanne's House: Butterfly Garden) was the first quilt I noticed in Carol's shop (Just Between Friends) and I instantly fell in love with it. It was a very large project to tackle as a beginner to sewing (either by hand or by machine) and so this quilt records/tracks my progress block by block.

It is also a quilt that followed the biggest loss in my life. I also wanted to create a 'garden' but for me this garden would belong to the most beautiful little butterfly in my life...this is Amelie's Garden... a labour of all my grief and love...

Here are some pictures of my most favourite blocks:

                                                                           Mummy x


  1. Well that made me cry!! having seen this at various points throughout it's creation.. the finished product is beautiful... See you soon xxx (and yes I've set up a blog....)

  2. the quilt is beautiful well done.


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