Wednesday 26 January 2011

Pillow talk!

They say that there comes a time in pregnancy when you start making the home more of a home/nest...I think I have just hit this time!

2 new pillowcases!
This one is for Mr Whirlygiggles:

and this one is mine!

I have also spent an hour or so going through my quilts and creating different lists.
My current stats are:

Quilts tops completed and waiting for wadding, backing and binding: 18!!!
Quilts to be completed: 6
Quilts ready for binding: 4
Quilts on the go currently: 3

I would like the quilts finished before the baby arrives...something tells me that when she is here there will be NO time for quilting, especially in the beginning.

Back to the sewing machine to finish a beautiful quilt I am working on which shall remain a mystery for the time being!!!
                                                                                     Amelie x


  1. the mystery quilt cannot wait to see. when the little one arrives i am sure you will find some time for your quilting, Erin x

  2. Hi Erin, I hope so too!!! The mystery quilt belongs to someone else (they gave me the pattern and fabrics). If I get their permission I will put it on.
    Thank you for your comments.
    Amelie x


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