Tuesday 1 February 2011

One done!

I seriously heart the Flower Sugar range of Lecien...so much so that I have bought a fair amount of it and I am already on my second project with it!!!

The first one is a pattern by Natalie Lymer called Woodland Faeries and it's in the free patterns section of the Lecien website:

These fairies are sooo cute and this fabric line suits them perfectly! I also made this tiny quilt trying out the Quilt as you Go method (love it!) and using the scaps left over from this project below !!!
I know I have already broken my New Years Resolution like 10 times over but it gives me such joy to be naughty creative!!!:

Anyway, both of these are meant for my little princess but then the quilt in progress above has turned out to be rather large...I might have to use it instead!!! Even Mr Whirlygiggles likes these fabrics and has become a willing partner in this project by rearranging some of the crosses ( i am keeping my eyes on him whilst he is at it!!!).

Yesterday I prepared the binding for 5 quilts, attached it on 3 and finished it around the fairies. I then spend about 2 hours trying to work out how to go from this:

to this

and wanted to tear my hair out in the process......all cut from fairly small pieces on a pattern...arghhh,
to my amazement it all worked fine until the blue bits had to be sewn round the star....what a disaster...but why has it left me craving more madness???????? Any ideas?

Amelie x

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