Friday 18 February 2011

Sunday gift!

My French General quilt is finally completed and will be meeting its rightful owner on Sunday afternoon!!!
This is a quilt I made for my best friend Juniper and am ashamed to say that it is her Christmas present!!! She has already seen it and really liked it, so I hope she will like the finished product too!

Again, too large for Mr Whirlygiggles to hold fully stretched...
One way up:

 and another way up!:

 and two of my very favourite blocks:

Lovely pettern and gorgeous colours...I think she will heart it loads!!!!

                                                                       Amelie x


  1. Wonderful quilt, I love French General fabrics. Love your wiggly quilting.

  2. Thank you Lynne!!! I thoughts that kind of quilting really suits it...
    and it is so easy to do rather than the dreaded FMQ!!!


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