Tuesday 8 February 2011

"Shooting the photo" more like!!!

I have now tried 4 times and Mr Whirlygiggles has also tried to help as much as possible but I cannot get a really good picture of my pink flowers quilt...
This was a kit from Tikki http://www.tikkilondon.com/ and I made it almost a year ago. It was quilted by Ferret with beautiful flowers all over and it has been waiting in the cupboard for binding.
Once it came out of the cupboard, it took a large part of the evening to finish the binding and the rest of the evening for me to wonder why I had delayed it for so long!!!!

The first photo has been taken indoors and as you can see the quilt reaches all the way to the ceiling, hence the lights are in the way!!! I also had to enhance the colours a bit...not my favourite photo...

Part of the quilt taken in natural light....

Hopefully this one shows the quilting a bit better:

and this is the back:
I love it! it is soooo pretty and so pink and girly!!!

Might have to give the photo shoot another go tomorrow (won't tell Mr Whirlygiggles tonight!!!)

                                                                          Amelie x


  1. What a fantastic quilt... and definitely girly!

    If you ever get tired of it, I'll be happy to give the quilt a good home... *lol*

  2. LOL!!!!! tired? it has lived in a cupboard poor thing and following the completion of its binding, it has gone back in the cupboard!!! As soon as it had a bit of tlc we will see!!!!


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