Sunday 6 February 2011

Progress with UFOs

Since my last post I have been busy busy busy!!!

I have finished 2 quilts for Little People. I blogged about the Safari Quilt a few months ago (!!!) and here it is finished FINALLY!

I have no idea what made me choose this very small grid for the quilting but I did think I was going absolutely mad halfway through. It was a very painful experience indeed!
The only saving grace is that the texture is brilliant and i think great for little people to run their little fingers across the grid squares!

The other day we went to see a very good friend who just a had a baby. He was so small and soooooo beautiful that when I got back home that day I constructed the little quilt below for him!
I made up my own pattern, cut my tumblers and I  used fabrics that I had in my stash exclusively!!!! Must admit, all of that was a real high point for me...I think I am growing a bit more confident as a quilter (yippeeee!)

This back fabric is from IKEA and i love the Hippos!!!! I have had it in my cupboard for a year and I am glad it will go to a such a beautiful baby boy!
I could not resist the variegated little hearts on the ditch!!

Aren't the hippos really sweet?!!!

Today I have taken advantage of my mum being here and apart for a beatiful oxtail soup, she has helped me baste a large quilt I am doing for another very good friend. Off to do some binding before lunch!!

Amelie x

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