Monday 28 November 2011

The Queen of Lateness!!!

..erm...that would be me! not big or proud especially for someone who is soooo OCD about time and order that I would be better off described as CDO instead (that is still OCD but put in proper alphabetical order!!!!)...

I started this quilt at our old home and it was meant to be large enough ( Mr Whirlygiggles always moans that our quilts don't cover the whole bed?! :-( ) and it was going to be my pregnancy quilt...the one i would snuggle under and be alone with baby?....
It did not quite work out like that and 7 months post pregnancy the quilt has finally made it on our bed. Isabella seems to like it so much she managed to wet herself on it whilst she was rolling around on it without a nappy!!! Man oh man! back in the washing machine tonight and Isabella is back in her nappy (and tucked in bed as we speak!).

The quilt is made by 5" squares mostly Tanya Wheelan and of course some Kaffe Fassett shot cottons in various shades of pink and there somewhere are also a few rare bits of OOP Urban Chicks fabric.

 It is simple but we love it all the same:

Amelie x

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