Monday 21 November 2011

The Stars are out!

Ricky's Magical Stars quilt ( Ricky is really Riccardo, my 11 year old gorgeous Italian/Greek nephew), was finished on the day we were leaving Italy to come back home!!! talk about ... I am the queen of this!!!
The little monkey refused to pose for me!

Anyway, this is the view from their balcony and Mr Whirlygiggle's attempt at serious photography!!!

And here is the quilt in its (almost) full glory and Mr Whirlygiggles exclaiming (as always) that he is risking his life for my quilting yet again!!!! yeah yeah yeah!!

Can anyone tell me how we went from this:

 to this? my baby is wearing tights!!! My sister bought her a whole load of little girl's clothes and tights and shoes and dressed her up every day of the weekend!
7 months in a few days...eeeekkkkkk where is time flying to?

                                                                    Amelie x
PS i blogged about this quilt back in May. Pattern is by the amazing Jaybird Quilts.

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