Sunday 11 March 2012

Hot off the iron!

my final three March bee blocks!

Firstly up Lisbeth's block from my Modern Minx Beginner Bee group. She asked for us to make The Pinball Machine block which is a lovely an easy block to make IF you read the instructions properly and don't confuse where the white and where the pattern go!!! Lisbeth, I hope you like your 2 blocks!!! (I did not read your instructions properly the first time round). It is made with Kona white and Rosalie Quinlan fabric.

and both of them together!

From my We Bee Modern Too bee, Heather asked for the Boxed in block and she picked a black, white, grey and red colour scheme. I love this block and I adore how it turned out..very japanesey!, love it!
I hope you like it Heather and good on you for asking us to make it as a charity quilt.

and last but not least, this one just flew away from my machine...for my Stash Bee Hive 2, Tara asked for a tree...I think you were hoping for an applique tree and hopefully a pieced one will not disappoint you...I am not into applique at all and was worried that I would make a mess of the Kona Azure FQ of which I only had the I decided on a pieced tree with a little Owl and birds and flowers...
I love how this turned out except it is larger than 12.5" and I did not have the heart to chop it down! I will leave the chopping to you if that is ok!

ouffffaaaa am all done for March and this means I can now go on my week's holiday to Greece without worrying about my Bee commitments!!!

                                                              Amelie x

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