Wednesday 7 March 2012

Mad mad mad!

and that is the best way I describe life around here at the moment! Maybe the following photo gives you a clue? if not my big news will follow soon! ;-)

Struggling to keep up with my patchwork commitments but i should tell you that I created this blog entry last week (just the photos) and I have not had the time to put the words to it!

Progress made:

I have finished ALL my Geese in a Ring blocks. I now have to take the foundation paper off and to be honest that seems more onerous that making the blocks!
anyway, here are my beauties (again, apologies for the naff photography):

This first one is for Oneygirl, a rainbow with pattern fabrics:

and the same style block for Sue from Australia:

Whimbrella Fun asked for rainbow geese to be made with blender fabrics that read as solids - this challenged me quite a bit as I had NO such fabrics in my stash at all! anyway, I now do!!!

Goingsewcrazy asked for the following four colour geese block...I love it!

 and last but not least...a star for Joelle from my Fat Stash Bee. This is a block from the Summer Sampler Series from the amazing Faith from Fresh Lemons Quilts (
It is called the Rocky road to Kansas and it is paper pieced...I seem to be doing a LOT of that lately!!!!

I absolutely love it...I hope you like it Joelle!

ok, a bit of quilt time before bed now...

Amelie x


  1. That building kinda reminds me of my old school... All the blocks look amazing. :-)

  2. I have received your flock of geese! They are even more lovely 'live'!! And I will ship them to Krista in the US tomorrow, together with some other geese (for Round 4).
    Thank you for your effort, I know it will be rightfully appreciated!


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