Friday 17 February 2012

The Year of the Bee!

I spend most of my afternoon breaks absorbed in my Bee commitments...and although I seem to be on top of each one of them, I feel a bit scared that at this rate I will miss a month, overlook an envelope and basically forget someone's I now keep a proper list of all my bees and their requirements and I tick off all my boxes when ready! I also keep a 'to do' list with all my other quilts. It is the only way to keep a bit of order in my chaotic mind/sewing room!!
So, here is progress made since my last blog:

Geese in a Ring Swap: block for Fordcowgirl who asked for orange and aqua geese flying in succession! besides the bad photography, this is a really lovely block in terms of the colours and I was very happy with it!

Next one up is the We Bee Modern Too and Kersten who asked for the 'Missing Your Kiss' block. Once I was happy with the colours it was a great block to make. There is one or two little giraffes hiding in one of the kisses! I could not help myself!
I am going through a bit of a grey time with my fabric choices but I think the kona charcoal compliments this block well in terms of borders! Another gorgeous quilt in the making here! Enjoy Kersten!

Then I made some wonky stars for my Happy Scrap Quilt Block Swap. One is truly scrappy and two are wonky but less scrappy! I love this first sweet with the dotty fabric!

And finally!!!!! it has been about 12 months in the making!!!! a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern for a baby quilt...all fabrics used from my stash (no dent though so am not worried!!!!)
Mr Whirlygiggles is holding it in our garden! Photography is a big issue for me at the moment ranging from lighting to who will hold my larger quilts that need to be photographed? arghhhhh

 and the back with some spare pinwheels!:

PHEW!!!!!! off to finish basting another small quilt before the princess wakes up!
Talking of which (I know she is mine and I think of her as beautiful even when I change smelly nappies, but isn't she cute?) where does time go?
In the first one she is modelling her 2 bottom teeth which are not fully out yet but they are there and as sharp as a rotary cutter I assure you!!!!

                                                                        Amelie x


  1. Love your bee blocks! I have found myself in 4 bees and am in a similar position having to remind myself as to where they are going and when they are due!

  2. loving your bee blocks and your cluck cluck sew quilt looks fantastic

  3. Fab bee blocks and your quilt looks great.


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