Wednesday 1 February 2012


First time ever that I have stuck to my word on one of those resolutions....
but the proof is in the pudding and without further ado:

I will give you one guess only on what it is and whom it is for!!! ;-)
Yep, little dress for the bella Isabella who has found her loud voice and she likes to practise it daily especially in the supermarket!!! any tips for managing this are every welcome (except for shove a 'biscuit' in her mouth). I am on week two of my six week dressmaking course and I am loving every bit of it! throw any dart at me and I will sew it down!!!!

Apart from little girly dress, I have continued to work on my Oh My Stars QA at a snail pace am afraid...i get a bit upset every time i look at my stats and I see that I have still only made 12 of the 68 little stars...;-(
anyway, I will get there eventually...

The last one is a medium size star. The others are large and I have only made 2 more small ones...

I have also made another Geese in A Ring for my swap group. This one is for FairlyMerry. I can assure you that my photo is not very good and the block is soft and beautiful!

And finally: Susanne from my Bee Europa 2011, asked for a mosaic block using only solids. The tutorial is from the brilliant Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Fransson!. Another challenge for me as I am not too keen on just solids and could not believe how i could get from this:

to this and LOVE it! Even Mr Whirlygiggles loves this block and the colours!!!!

Well Susanne, well done you! this quilt will look fantastic I am sure...
I cannot wait to see the whole article. Also, thank you for getting me to try something new and for getting me over my worries about solids! I hope you like it! I added some of my solids in order to bring it as close to 15" as I could and it is almost there...I will have to leave the final touches to you as I did not want to add any more Kona Ash to the sides. Good luck!

Well, finally, next month is my month and I cannot decide which one of my 4 ideas to go with!!!!

Off to watch Masterchef with Mr Whirlygiggles and fantasise about all the fabulous food we cannot smell, touch or taste!!! Oh well....
                                                       Amelie x

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  1. This is so beautiful! I especially love that mosaic block. Also, the colours on that flying geese circle block are lovely, so soft!


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