Monday 23 January 2012

Resolved to Sew 2012

Although the title name links in to a giveaway (details further down), considering that very soon I am due to return to work (no more Ms Lady of Leisure apparently - does the daily cleaning, washing, mopping etc - "we must kill all germs before they get to Isabella", count as leisure?!!!!) I would like to make 2012 the year where I use my sewing machine for more than (and more) quilting.. (stop for breath!).

I came to England when I was just over 17 to go to university because I would ONLY study psychology and back then psychology was not a scientific enough subject to study at the Greek University. So I packed my bags, said my goodbyes in tears to friends and family and travelled on a the Magic Bus across Europe to the UK (that is another story for another time). At the borders an official asked me how long I planned to stay in the UK and I answered "10 years"!!! Well I had it all planned you first degree, my MA, my PHD and then my return back home!!!! My god I was so young and so naive but also so full of beans and 'go get it'...
Once I stopped crying every night in my dinner and whilst waiting to be offered a place in a university I came across a Floodlight magazine where all the courses in all the subjects across all education venues are listed in there...I came up with 17 courses I wanted to do (besides my main degree!) ranging from jewelry making to tap dancing etc!!! That was 26 years ago and of course I did not do anything else because once my degree started I devoted myself to that exclusively.
Well, 26 years later, I am a lot clearer about what I want to learn and my choices have dwindled from 17 down to 3-4 max!  So, here is my resolve for 2012:

1. Learn to sew more things and especially little clothes for little people like this one:

2. Make a quilt worth exhibiting in the Festival of Quilts
3. Finish a few UFOs
I will stop here because it is important to keep my list realistic...

There are some wonderful giveaways on the blog...check them out if you get a mo!

This is what I made over the weekend as part of my Resolve number 1!!!:

Please note that they are my first ever cushions! I am well happy with them! :-)

At the rate of one every night, I have added two more stars to my Oh My Stars QA:

I fear it will all look like a complete mess with all the strong colours and busy fabrics...let's see:

I made this one and was very unsure about last night I made another one because i simply adore these stars..:

not so sure...might have to test it once again!

                                                                     Amelie x

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  1. I love your fabrics for your stars :) they will be lovely together


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