Wednesday 18 January 2012


In my last post I wrote how great it is to get almost 2.5 hours free time a day when the bella Isabella has her beauty sleeps! well, since then the poor baby has had her second proper cold come teething time and sleep has been all over the place...remind me never to boast about her sleep..or food...or her great good moods ever again!!!!! Just in case!
Just before this I managed to carry with with my commitments and here are a couple more blocks I made:

This one is for my Modern Minx Beginner Bee:

The block is called Envy so I thought it was appropriate to choose the 'greener' fabrics in this range. Connie from Basildon Kitchens did an excellent tutorial on it which can be found here:
She did her block in this range and as I happen to have a fair amount of this in my stash I followed suit!
I hope you like it Connie!

I then did my first Geese in a Ring swap block. I only managed to waste one quarter of this thank god because the work involved in this block (foundation piecing) is considerable to say the least!
This is the black-grey-white block. I hope it will meet the groups expectations.

  and finally! I managed to take a photo of this little quilt (you have one guess who will be the lucky recipient of this quilt!!!!) which waited in pins for 3 weeks and 2 more to be bound and 2 more to be photographed!!!!poor thing!
Anyway, I bought some of the fabrics and the panel from the Eternal Maker shop during a fair and I added some of my own linen fabrics to the mix to make it more interesting and less nautical (pack only included the panel and the stripey fabrics).
The stripey fabrics were a pain in the butt to work with...very stretchy and difficult to manage... anyway, this is the front:

and this is the back! I decided to use all my leftovers plus some kona solid I had left from another project happening at the same time and I made three scrappy stars...I like the whole finished article. I quilted it with another fancy stitch and with a black/grey/white thread. The final effect is very striking indeed!

and these are some hexies I worked on not for a grandmother's garden quilt (I have another stash of those somewhere else!) but for a border piece...more on this when I have got a grasp on what exactly I am trying to achieve with these!

Best get on and finish preparing the princess's lunch!

                                                                      Amelie x


  1. Great blocks and I love the hexagon flowers (I have a very long ongoing project with them at the moment too!)

  2. I love it!!!! It is perfect and I can't wait to see it 'live and in person'!

    I love your geese in a ring - good job - paper piecing is not my favourite thing! A really good finish!

    I love the little quilt - and REALLY love the back - you did a marvelous job!


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