Tuesday 3 January 2012

A Tribute & I Believe..

In Father Christmas!!! Yes, I was converted on New Years Eve and I will explain why!:

My mum (the only truly supportive fellow crafter!) told me that on the night of the year change, if you are doing what you love or you have close by what you love, you will spend the year with/doing these things. Well, considering we have had a truly traumatic month with my daddy in hospital, I put 3 things under my pillow on New Years Eve:  a letter from my dad, one of Isabella's socks and I piece of patchwork!!! Am I a saddo? possibly!!!! (PS I was spooning Mr Whirlygiggles so no need for something of his under my pillow!!!-in case he reads this!!!)

So, the next day my dad started to slowly come around from his triple bypass operation, Isabella was in high spirits, Mr Whirlygiggles gave me 2 hours gratis to do patchwork and I got this beauty!!!!

Meet Aspassia! she is beautiful and she sews like a dream....well, she did sew like a dream for my mother who used her ALL day long since we took her out of her case!!!
My grandmother used to have one of these machines and my mum reminisced no end about my grandmother who was an extremely amazing woman. She run a household full of kids, she run a farm, cooked the most delicious food, made her own cheese, grew vegetables and dressed the whole family with a machine like this one.
Her most extraordinary feat was that 70 odd years ago on an Greek island, she defied the doctor and her husband and she brought her 6 month premie baby home in a shoe box covered in cotton wool. She stayed with him in her nightie day and night until he became 9 months. He still lives on the island.
My grandmother Aspassia was very special but she also suffered a lot of loss in her life (husband, a teenage son and two babies) and by the time I knew her she was at heart, a very somber and depressed woman. I think her Singer machine was one of the things that kept her sane and I understand that...
Here's to you my YaYa (Greek for Grandmother). I will think of you every time I sit at my machine.

On a different note, am making slow progress on my star quilt and am making a quilt for someone else that has to be delivered this week!!! ouch!
Here are my stars:

Please excuse all the threads and uneveness..I have not finished them yet... I think I will make all the stars in this size by using shot cottons that I have left over from other projects...I hope that by doing that I will tone down the wilderness of colour in other stars!!!

And here is a sneaky preview of another Isabella special I am working on!:

Isn't she a beauty?!!!!!!


                                                       Amelie x

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  1. oh your poor grandmother. what a great sewing machine and I LOVE those stars


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