Friday 13 January 2012


Well, round about Christmas I started to Bee Europa 2011 is coming to an end in April and I already started to feel bereft and without virtual quilting friends!
So I joined one more Bee - Modern Minx Beginner Bee and a block swap group - Happy Scrap Quilt Block Swap AND a Geese in Ring Swap!!!! Overkill I know especially with a small baby BUT: we have now worked out a proper sleep pattern and I get almost 2.5 hours free for quilting during the day!!!! Hurrahhhh

So, this week so far I have finished my Bee Europa blocks for Ulrike who asked for a Bento box block:

The block in itself is not difficult at all but when I say there is a challenge in everything patchwork I mean it!!! Precut fabrics do not always measure perfectly what they claim to measure...which makes matters very complicated. ..especially with the little pinking teeth..arghhhhh where are your measurement meant to start and stop? let's say that for a perfectionist like me I had to stitch and unstitch and re-stitch the blocks and even then they are not a perfect 6.5". I have stressed and stressed about this but even with a scant 1/4" seam there is no chance on this earth that I can get to 6.5".
I hope you like them Ulrike and that they will not put your quilt measurements out...:-(

I have also finished the blocs for my swap group..arrows...I found some reds in my scap box and here we are:

i love these four so much! i was tempted to keep them and make a cushion but my commitments come first!

and 2 more blocks for the group administrator who will do all the hard work of sending the blocks round the group:


I am working on 2 small quilts and hopefully I will have some pictures to show in my blog soon.

                                                                        Amelie x


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