Wednesday 8 February 2012

The kindness of strangers

I have just managed to get my Flickr & Blogger to be friends again :-)
life feels so much better when things work the way they are meant too...yesterday their relationship broke down and it bugged me all day long so much so that I wasted 2 hours on a Geese in a Ring block that ended up in the bin....let's not talk about that as it will break my heart just thinking about it...
Anyway, a stranger from the Flickr forums was most kind to me and I am grateful to him for sharing his  knowledge and making things good again.
The other good things come in the form of these two blocks:

Stash Bee Hive 2: block for Miki:

 I stayed with the red theme because I was not sure what other colours you might like Miki...I hope you like it! there are some of my all time favourite fabrics in there especially the last two.

I also made the Parisian Star for the Patchwork Queen from my Modern Minx Beginner Bee: this one is the Parisian Night Star and in the middle it has a bit of a map of Paris featuring the Champs Elysees a reminder of a hand in hand stroll there many many years ago!

And finally, another picture of the yellow/aqua bee block...I still cannot get it to look as good in pictures as it does in reality... :-(

I am off to try making another one of these and hopefully making it right this time!

                                                                          Amelie x

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