Saturday 19 May 2012

All go...

I have been meaning to write this post for sometime now...and it is not that we have had a honeymoon yet because we have not (I am still trying to convince Mr Whirlygiggles that the best honeymoon would be in Texas during the Houston Quilt can he possibly not see that?????) or that work has been quiet because it has not (trust me!!!)...but it has all been go go go as it is in everyone's life i am sure...

Before I start with my May Bee Blocks I would like to show you a couple of blocks i made to enter teh London Modern Quilt Guild competition where the winners would be exhibited at John Lewis on the 06th June. I know that those of you who know me will know that from the moment I decided to 'play' I sweated blood and tears about this and I thought of very little else when it came to quilting but this...
Despite the fact that the wedding took up a lot of my spare time I finally decided to go with two ideas:

This block is my final choice and I called it: "Covering up my tracks"... They are meant to be little trains running through the same station carrying 'foxy' people..inspired of course by my many train travels since returning to work last month...I love the little fox in the cute..The little train wheels are stamped on and the whole block was made using caveman quilting techniques (Ricky Tims) and I have quilted it in a little tracks way that makes the train pop up a bit more...It is modern, original and MINE!!!!!

This block is called 'Love letters straight from the heart' and was my close second..a traditional block made with modern fabrics...I love it but when it came to having to make a choice, I preferred the trains...

And this: was my original idea..a vintage girl who is made modern every time fashion changes and retro comes round again....she also reminds me of my mother when she was young and I just loved how all the colours came together...I have kept this block and will turn it into a cushion I think!!!

Anyway, there are some great blocks in the competition that will be exhibited at John Lewis and you can find out more here:
If you go, please let me know what you make of the blocks!

Bee Blocks:

This first one is what Cara asked for in my Bee Europa 2012 bee I loved making this even though this is my second time round for this block. It is easy, lovely and her choice of fabrics was excellent! Thsi will make a fabulous quilt.

Helen asked for the wonky block for the Stash Bee - Hive 2 and wanted it bright and bright this is!!! I fussy cut the butterfly to make sure Helen get enough 'girly' value for her block!!!

This is also Helen's block for the Modern Minx Beginner Bee...she wanted it really sugary and girly and I would have thrown up if I did not pick a cheeky little flower to go in the middle of it...Helen I hope you like the cheeky flower...sorry about the photography... the blocks are lovely in real life I promise!!! I could not bring myself to do birds and butterflies...!

This is a block for the We Bee Modern Too bee: now this is a block I loved is so beautiful and the colours were so exhilarating..I loved watching it come together...

and last but not least: my Fat Stash Bee: all fabrics were received and I just added the outer purple with the leaves...I would have loved making this Granny Squares block more if it was not for the challenge of the bias cut corner triangles...It is slightly shorter than 12.5 but I hope that another good press will suffice..

For those of you that want to carry on reading this blog, here is the star of the wedding day. Isabella was one year and 1 day old on our wedding day and we celebrated her birthday on the same day...

and mummy being told that the entire wedding gift list money can be spend on fabric (DREAM ON)

and Isabella's birthday cake!!!

Phew!!! only one day without patchwork!!!! and it was a beautiful day...and we are very lucky and blessed to spend it with those who love us and we those we love too!

                                                                     Amelie x


  1. Congratulations to you and Mr W!

  2. I love the Granny Square block you made for me!! Thank you!! I am sorry if the corners gave you a bit of trouble. I am looking forward to getting the block and it is going to be a wonderful addition to my quilt!


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