Wednesday 20 June 2012

No news is good news!

I have been quiet but not idle! Between work and the Bella Isabella I have spend my evenings shut away in my sewing room working on this!

I am sure i don't need to tell you just HOW MUCH work goes into foundation piecing this sort of block..BUT i did it, it is not perfect BUT I LOVE IT!!!! it is bright and cheerful  and perfect for what I have in mind for it...ahhh forgot to say that it is one of twins, so there is another almost exactly the same!!!! now you know how I spend my evenings! sad but true ;-)

For a bit of light relief I decided to cut into this line of fabrics the other night (no, I have not finished the other 15 projects waiting to be completed! but I needed a change and this did the trick!) All 20 blocks are now ready and I will show you what it looks like in my next blog when I have sewn everything together. It is funny and yummy!

And this month's Bee blocks finally all completed!:

Fat Stash Bee: I loved making this block and learning how to do two stars in the same 12.5" block. All the fabrics were sent to me except for the points of the small star...great block.

Bee Europa 2012/13: a wonderful block beautifully matched by the retro fabrics..loved making it and cannot wait to see it completed.

Modern Minx Beginner Bee: The Three Wishes Block by Jamie Moilanen. A gorgeous block and the request was for a light soft block. I thought Anna Maria Horner's fabrics fitted the description! It looks wonderful.

We Bee Modern Too: Day and Night block from the Modern Blocks book, by Kimberly Walus - fabrics were received. Great looking block.

Stash Bee, Hive 2: ahhh, this month's great challenge! The instructions were to make crystals with fabric and to try to make them a little magical!..not sure I did a great job here especially as I tried to avoid Y seams (my nemesis)...but I used lovely shot cottons and they look gorgeous on the black fabric. this is a 15.5" block and I hope you like it Laurel!

Phew!!!! am off out now to enjoy a little bit of sunshine just for today I am being told...back to rain tomorrow... :-(
oh well...
Amelie x


  1. Wow, working hard there! Beauties all of them!

  2. Can't believe you are doing two of the circles! But it looks absolutely amazing.


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