Monday 30 July 2012

The 'shame' post!

1 blog entry for July: shame
Bad photography: shame
20 UFOs : shame shame shame

I know it has been more than a month since my last blog and I don't remember ever being so low in blog entries...and I hate to admit it but blogging time equals less time sewing equals less lovely things coming along...
Anyway, been working on a baby quilt for some friends and I hacked into my Far Far Away fabrics yet again...and guess what..I hacked in times 3!!!! I have three different little kiddie quilts on the go..cannot wait to show you.
My bees have kept me busy throughout the whole month and although they are all done now, I have not posted them just yet. I know it sounds like a crazy thing but I like to post them all at the same time because:
1. local post office is not a friendly environment
2. local post office is not meant for toddlers who screech to be let loose to roam free
So, the rule is, go once and make it as quick and pain free as possible!

Here are my bees and the most appalling photos I have taken to ashamed and yes I will invest in a  better camera..

Bee Europa: Amy's block: gorgeous fabrics, loved making this. I am sure it will look fantastic!

Jennie, Hive 2 Stash Bee: a rather challenging block which I have not even had the chance to iron properly when I took the photo...look fab in real life and i have used quite a few selvages as requested.

 Fat Stash Bee: Peggy's block: I know it does not look challenging BUT it was...trying to get it to the specific block is so cute...

We Bee Modern Too: Karen picked the Pebble block and I have used shots and patterns that reminded me of a beach/waves etc another bad photo job but a lovely looking block

 Modern Minx Beginner Bee, Anna's block: looks fabulous in real life...needs a bit more pressing but it is very cute...damn my stupid camera...

am ashamed about these photos and they do no justice to the heartache and effort I put in my work...and by the time I saw these photos all blocks were packed and sealed off and too late to rip them all open again...
another lesson to be learned here :-(

In the meantime here is my princess in all her glory (and why the post office is a pain): 

ahhhh a toddler covered in yogurt...not a shame at all! I knew it would all turned our right in the end!

Amelie x


  1. heeee - your daughter is adorable! Love the blocks too :-D

  2. Looks like a great wonky log cabin - yay!! Thanks!!


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