Thursday 19 May 2011

A slow comeback....

My little Sleeping Beauty slept almost all day long for the first 2 weeks of her life and mummy just watched and watched her in absolute amazement...but with hindsight I think I should have slept more and I should have certainly done a bit of patchwork to clear my head from all the paranoid preoccupations new mothers seem to have :-(

Anyway, in Week 3, the Sleeping Beauty has finally awoken (kissed excessively by mummy and daddy) and we are now struggling to get her to sleep!!!! So, I have hungered for some patchwork but time has been very very limited. Thank god for Mr Whirlygiggles who adores both of us loads and has been looking after us loads too...looking after mummy has included some patchwork time (2 hours so far to be precise!!!) and i managed to finish off Riccardo's (my gorgeous half Italian-half Greek nephew!) quilt top...
I love it!!! I had bought these fabrics so long ago and could not think what to do with them...

I am going to call this quilt "Ricky's Magical Stars" ;

and a closer view:

As mentioned before the pattern is from Jaybird Quilts and the main fabric is Timeless Treasures. I have added a mixture of other fabrics All from my stash I am very proud to say!!!!!

That is all for now except i cannot resist another photo of the Not-So-Sleeping Beauty with the beautiful bunny rabbit Carol send her (thank you Auntie Carol, we LOVE our bunny) :

                                                          Amelie x

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  1. Oh I wouldn't do anything more than just lie around staring at her. She's so pretty and perfect. And that quilt! Wow! I've never seen a pattern like that. I really like it cos it's not always easy to find patterns for guys. Yours is beautiful!


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