Sunday 22 May 2011

Thank yous

I am still craving time to do patchwork...I seem to be craving sewing and fabrics more than I ever craved ciggies after every time I gave up smoking! But my brain is mash and my arms extremely tired from rocking the Not-So-Sleeping Beauty to sleep every day...I have spoiled my 3 week old baby already!!!   :-)
Having said that I need to say something about the kindness of the quilters (some of whom I have never met in my life) who have got in touch to give their wishes and to let me know that the 2-hourly feeds through the night will not last forever! I am truly grateful to you....
I am also grateful to all the lovely quilters I follow who supply me with endless photos & inspiration especially during the 4am burping session!!! Some nights we just have to burp in front of the laptop!!!

Anyway, courtesy of grandmother, I am about to do some sewing (yippeee) but I also have a few more blocks to add to the Japanese quilt:

                                                                    Amelie x


  1. I have a weakness for American Jane's recess fabric (now almost impossible to find, you know, of course), so I'm especially loving being able to watch this quilt come together. I can tell it's going to be FANTASTIC!

  2. just found out your great news on here , so do tell all about your new baby name weigh and all the lovely bits. congrats xxxxxx


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