Friday 25 March 2011

" The Bird, the Sea, Tilda & her Sister": a modern block!

My first Bee block!:

God knows I struggled to make this as perfect as possible and to give Muriël a moment of joy when she sees these photos...

The neurotic process: I started by drafting 6 different versions of what my bee would look like...then a fellow bee came up with my most favourite block too and got there first...fair enough...then I complicated matters so much so that I got into a state of panic until my lovely friend Jane shared her wisdom with me and made me feel better about the world again! Finally the brilliant Kerry looked at my last 2 versions and shared her wisdom with me too helping to draw my decision making processes to a final close (finally!!!!!)

So nuances there are plenty as Muriël requested and this is not just my first attempt at a Bee block but also my first work with blue fabrics...of which I should admit to owing 1-2 FQs only!!!

I hope you will like it Muriël . It will be flying home to you tomorrow! (or should I say, swim to you tomorrow???)

Amelie x


  1. I love it, Amelie!!!
    Thank you! I hope you had fun too!

  2. I did have loads of fun! but more that that, I am really really happy that you like it.


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