Saturday 5 March 2011

The Chicken or the Egg

I have not had a moment or opportunity to blog...for the last 2 days I have felt as if I live in a disaster zone...everything seemed to go wrong all at once. I still have not worked out though whether it was all of the disasters listed below that put me in a bad mood, or the bad mood that brought on all the disasters????

1. I managed to lose my ability to log onto my Flickr completely - still unresolved
2. Computer was taken over by Trojans (sounds scary doesn't it?!) - finally resolved by buying some software on line that marched in and mashed the Trojans!!!!
3. Quilted my baby's first quilt (verykerryberry's quilt along) and then had to spend all evening skinning the very puckered quilt...a few tears were shed over that piece of wasted effort....- resolved today when it was starched, glued and pinned before quilting!!!! I know it all sounds like overkill but I could not take any more chances...
4. all of the above plus some nasty pregnancy hormones and loads of weird pregnancy induced nightmares - yuck - that go like this: " I am sorry you think I stole your white van and am driving it around a small car park smashing it into stationery was not me...honest...I just got in it just now to drive it to a place of safety...please don't kill me!!!!!"

Having said that I have done quilte a bit since my last blog but for tonight I will leave you with one of my favourite quilts of all time (the final large quilt that was patiently awaiting quilting in the depths of the wardrobe for the last few months... it is a Heather Bailey and all her fabrics bring me LOADS of smiles and happiness!

The back! I adore this fabric despite the fact that many people find it too strong...

and a little glimpse of the latest project...yep, another little person's the dark grey fabric which I bought in France last year and 'saved it for best' - finally used!!!!

Amelie x


  1. when one thing goes wrong other disasters follow, trust all is back to normal now for you.
    as ever the quilt is beautiful,as well as bold. speak soon. Erin.x

  2. Hi Erin, Thank you for lovely comment! am ok thank you. Wait till you see this finished's gorgeous!
    take care
    a x


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