Sunday 27 March 2011

My baby's first quilt!

I am so in love with this little quilt! I just hope it will get loads of use and preferential treatment!

and two of my most favourite blocks:

The little mermaid stitching is a bit wonky but then again this is a wonky star block!!!

Thanks again to Kerry for the beautiful QAL and the fantastic instructions.

Off to work on the next baby quilt!!! there are some very talented quilters out there who are also prolific and despite being pregnant they churn out loads and loads of quilts for their babies...I must be the only one whose brain has been mushed by the hormones and can barely keep my eyes open or work out a pattern!!!!
Despite that, here is a little preview of my baby's next quilt!!!!!! (surely I am feeling like a 'not good enough' parent already, can I?!!!!)

ain't that soooo cute??????

                                                                         Amelie x


  1. I love what you did with the wonky star quilt and the next one looks wonderful, lovely gentle prints.

  2. Hi Kerry,
    THANK YOU again... I also love the curved corners and it never occured to me to try them until now!!! thank you for the great instructions.
    a x

  3. Lucky baby! Silly me took up quilting after my girls were past the baby stage and they are still waiting for me to finish their quilts. Your wonky star quilt is gorgeous and will most certainly be well loved.


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